Life is too short and the web is too big for jargon, buzzwords and nonsense. Let's just get the job done.

Front End development frameworks, a good Content Management System, knowledge in multiple programming & markup languages, some Graphic Design and a fair bit of common sense are the tools of a web developer these days.

I work efficiently, using modern web development techniques and technologies. With over 18 years experience in the Web Design and Development industry, I know a thing or two about how to create successful websites.

Read enough? Talk to me about what you have in mind.

Hire me.

Are you looking for a skilled web developer who will get to the point and likes to build good things that work properly?

I am available for hire - remotely or on location. I can work solo on projects, or as part of your extended team. For details about my experience and what I can bring to the party, phone 07446 659119 or use any of those great big buttons to email me.

I could also mention how I am a Dad, an enthusiastic amateur cook with a questionable taste in 1980's comedy films and how own I more Lego than I know where to put - that's what people put on their CV, right?

Scott is always professional and thorough with web development. He cares about the standard of work he produces and he will always ask the right questions to get to the heart of the matter. I have no hesitation in recommending him.

Mark McAulay, Dont Walk
Like what you read? Push the button, lets talk the talk...

Do what you love.

I enjoy working with people that love what they do.

Enthusiasm is infectious, and it's easy to get excited when people are passionate about their work. If we're both excited by what you do and how you do it, great things will happen.

Scott single handedly developed my e-commerce website by the highest standards for luxury goods. We owe countless positive client reviews of seamless shopping experiences to him and an extremely reliable site to his skills. He’s lovely to work with, will always 'say it like it is' and is super efficient with his work, making sure you stick to your deadlines and get things done! We continue to work with Scott on new developments and improvements for our website. We wouldn't let anyone else touch our site!

Shirine Modad-Neill, Entrepreneur

I have a varied skill set. Front End Development - SASS & CSS, HTML, jQuery & Javascript. Content Management development using Craft CMS, and Shopify. Usability, Information Architecture, Graphic Design and web typography.

I'm skilled at interpreting design for the web, preferring to work with a designer on live prototypes instead of many Photoshop files, where possbile.

Ready? Let's dance...

"Can I see some of your work?"

Indeed! These are a selection of recent things I've worked on.

It is a mixture of my own clients, and work completed on the behalf of other freelancers and agencies for their clients. Let me know if you'd like to see more, including some sites I can't show in a public portfolio.

While talking about a potential project with you, I can give you more background to my previous work. I'll also give an idea of why it is relevant. This context is important. Not every website is the same.

Here are some types of clients that I've worked with before, or would love to work with. Bonus points if this is you:

Let's talk about money.

Actually, let’s not. It's too early in this relationship to do that.

We can work it out later when we have spoken in more detail and come up with a number that suits us both.